What does a mortgage broker do? Myths vs. Realities

February 8th, 2014

There is still confusion about what we mortgage brokers actually do and how our services differ from the banks. I‘ve also heard numerous times, misconceptions about our practices and what we can offer. I would like to take this opportunity to omit any myths about my profession and inform on the benefits you will gain from utilizing my services.

Allow me to start by defining the purpose and the intent of my business. The primary practice of my business is focused on self-employed individuals. My goal is to improve the quality of their lives so that their future is empowered. Being one myself, I know the restraints and restrictions imposed by lending institutions and how a self-employed individual may encounter several constraints when leveraging a real estate asset. As a Mortgage broker, my job is to identify the best financing products in the market for my clients’ objectives. I am a freelancer and most of my business is generated through referrals. Thus, my clients’ satisfaction is essential to stability and longevity of my career. My clients’ best interest is always my number one priority and I take pride in the value I add to their lives.

In the following three posts I am going to provide a detailed account of the myths about the mortgage broker profession in detail.