Mortgage myth 2: Mortgage brokers “Shop” for the best rate.

February 8th, 2014

Reality: Actually, it is often the clients who make the mistake of going to multiple lenders in an attempt to negotiate for the best rate. Not only this action is time consuming but also every time there is an inquiry on the credit report, it causes the credit rating to drop. A drop in the credit score may very well disqualify the applicants for the most competitive mortgage rate out there and in may force them into settling with higher interest rates.

When you choose me as your mortgage broker: 1. Your credit bureau is pulled once and the same credit report goes to the potential lender, even if we decide to send your application to more than one institute. 2nd, as a mortgage broker I have access to various mortgage products. I search for the best product, which fits your qualifications and negotiate on your behalf, thus I save you the unnecessary time span of waiting on different lenders to give you back a response.