Commercial and Residential Mortgages

Your easy path to property ownership

Getting commercial or residential mortgages can be a huge pain. But GreenFlow Financial is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll do everything possible to deliver the financing you need to turn that thought into a reality.

We understand that every borrower is an individual with different hopes and dreams, which is why we offer various loan options to make it as convenient as possible for you to land your feet on that new property.

Our Financial Services for Commercial and Residential Mortgages Include:

  • Low income mortgages
  • No income mortgages
  • Tailored, real estate based lending solutions
  • Hard money funding
  • Debt consolidation (restructuring/reduction)
  • Business expansion financing solutions
  • Bad or bruised credit mortgages

Ease Your Financing Challenges:

GreenFlow Financial helps business owners and self-employed individuals acquire the right mortgage financing. We offer best in class services to our clients, especially if you:

  • Are facing cash flow problems in your business
  • Are paying too much interest on your current debt obligations
  • Are looking for significant cash/equity take-out
  • Have high personal and business credit exposure and have been turned down by your bank as a result
  • Need financing beyond the bank's loan offer
  • Have difficulties providing complete financial statements
  • Have a bruised or bad credit rating
  • Are requesting a loan below or over the bank's minimum/maximum bench mark
  • Want to own your commercial space
  • Want to expand your business by leveraging your real estate assets
  • Require quick financing solutions
  • Are looking for mortgages with higher Loan To Value and/or longer amortizations

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