Our Story

At GreenFlow Financial, we’re committed to finding and delivering the best tailored financing services that meet your needs. We understand that for many small business owners and self-employed individuals, finding mortgages & other financing solutions can be challenging. That’s why we utilize our industry knowledge and contacts to provides you with sound, well thought-out advice – and a solution.

Our main focus is to help you examine specific mortgage options that serve your unique circumstances. We take the time to sit down and speak to you. We believe that it is only by having a detailed discussion that we can properly analyse your situation and determine the most economical yet suitable options for your exact situation.

In Addition to mortgages and as value added services to our clientele, we can also assist in the following areas:

  • Consulting and investment in Mortgage, equity financing
  • Business Financing (Debt and Equity, Factoring, Purchase Order)
  • Equipment & Machinery Leasing
  • Government Grants & Rebates (SRED Filing & Financing)
  • Secured Credit Card Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Rent to Own
  • Debt Management & Financial Literacy Education

We understand the unique financial needs of our sector and we do our utmost to deliver a favourable outcome. Our team is recognized across different industries and is committed to providing the best resources and knowledge to assist our clientele in each distinct circumstance.

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